Tips and Trends for Events

by EurolinkNov 6, 2019Medical Event

1. V-I-D-E-O

With social media shares and viewer engagement on the rise – video is killing print, radio, Powerpoint… everything! So, start producing customized video content to show at your events, encourage your guests to take live videos and to share on social media!

2. Wellness

Chill out zones, breaks and calming environments will help your guests relax, focus and be at their best for the entire event. Event planners should incorporate healthy options into their menus and give opportunities for their guests to relax within the event program.

3. Greenery – colour of the year!

Wellness, relaxation and outdoors are all going to make an impact on events this year and all these elements relate splendidly to greenery, this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year.


No more checking off a paper guest list, no more printed schedules, no more paper handouts. Eradicate paper from your event planning tools – everything should be online and in the palm of your hands via smartphone or tablet.

Do you have a prediction for 2020?

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